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Dr. Geeta Grewal: Founder of 9M Clinic and 9M Skin Care

Dr. Geeta Grewal is a distinguished cosmetic surgeon who has
been a trailblazer in the aesthetic industry for over a decade. As the founder
of 9M Clinic and 9M Skin Care, she has dedicated her career to enhancing her
patients’ natural beauty while promoting overall well-being. Dr. Geeta Grewal
is renowned for her expertise in non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques,
particularly her emphasis on Botox facelifts. She has the distinction of being
the first and only doctor to highlight the transformative power of Botox in
achieving natural, youthful results. Her profound knowledge of aesthetic
medicine allows her to deliver subtle and effective outcomes that enhance her
patients’ natural features without appearing overdone. Dr. Geeta Grewal
believes that aesthetics go beyond merely treating wrinkles. It’s about
accurately diagnosing where her patients need treatments like Botox and where
they don’t. Her expertise lies in determining which treatments will enhance
specific features, resulting in natural and harmonious improvements. This
meticulous approach is the key to the natural results she delivers, making her
a popular choice for thousands of patients.


In addition to her clinical skills, Dr. Geeta Grewal is an
exceptional communicator, adept at educating her patients on the benefits and
realistic expectations of treatments such as Botox, thread lifts, and fillers.
She believes in empowering her patients with accurate information, ensuring
they make informed decisions about their aesthetic treatments. Dr. Geeta
Grewal’s commitment to spreading the right knowledge extends to her robust
presence on social media. In just nine months, she has garnered a dedicated
following of over 38,000 on Instagram. Her insightful posts and engaging
content reflect her responsibility as an aesthetic doctor to educate the public
about safe and effective cosmetic procedures.

 Dr. Geeta Grewal’s blend of clinical excellence, educational
prowess, and compassionate patient care has solidified her reputation as a
leading figure in the aesthetic industry. Through 9M Clinic and 9M Skin Care,
she continues to set new standards in Aesthetic Medicine, inspiring both her
peers and her patients.


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Our Vision:

At 9Muses, we believe in procedures that offer natural-looking surgical level results with non-surgical treatments and minimal invasive procedures. Therefore, we aim to help our clients achieve the results they desire and consult us for in the first place.

Our Expertise

Dr. Geeta Grewal is an expert in cosmetic procedures such as Botox, Facial Contouring, Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, Dermal Fillers, Mini Liposuction for stubborn fat pockets, Fat Grafting, Collagen Induction Treatments, and other cosmetic treatments.
We believe in giving holistic care to our patients and performing procedures that don’t make our patients look artificial. Choose Dr. Geeta Grewal if you’re looking for the best aesthetic treatment in Gurugram or Delhi NCR. Visit 9Muses Wellness Clinic on Golf Course Road, Gurugram, now!